How Effective are Penis Extenders?

Over the past one decade, research has shown how penis extenders can work to help a man achieve a bigger penis. With consistent use for 3 – 6 months, one can achieve up to 30% increase in penis size. Most people would think these are false figures issued by marketers in a bid to sell the extenders. There are independent studies published in peer-reviewed journals, which have proved the effectiveness of extenders.

How penis extenders work
The penis extender works through a simple principle. They apply low tension levels, normally between 1.2 kg to 2.5kg, to the shaft of the penis. This stimulates two psychological processes to start, which help in the development of the penis.

Stretching penile ligaments
First, it is necessary to understand penis extenders stretch the suspensory and fundiform ligaments, which lie at the bottom of the shaft. The extension of the ligaments is vital to the enlargement process. The penile shaft extends 4 – 6 inches inside the body, so the process helps to pull out a part of it. You can verify the truth whether the penis extends inside the body by touching the area behind the scrotum when the penis is erect. You will feel the stiffness of the penis.

Cell multiplication (Hyperplasia)
This is the stretching that helps the psychological process referred to as hyperplasia, a process in which tissue cells multiply with respect to physical stretch. Resistance training exploits hyperplasia to increase muscle mass. But this is not confined to muscle development, but can stimulate the growth of all tissues including bones.

Psychological response has been applied widely where orthopaedics professionals have applied traction to lengthen limbs of patients. Fortunately, the penis does not have bones, so the process is easier and more effective. It will experience positive growth and this sums up what a penis extender can help you to achieve.